Steam Control Ultra 17pc Waterless Cookware Set

Steam Control Ultra 17pc Waterless Cookware Set

Want to see what others are saying about this set?  Want to see what prices the other retailers are selling it for?  Check out these waterless cookware review links to epinions:

Excitement on Epinion’s product review pages!
Excitement on Epinion’s product review pages!  more
Excitement on Epinion’s product review pages!  and more
Excitement on Epinion’s product review pages!  and even more!

Well, too many reviews to list, I’ll just give you the main review page.

It is good to read such positive words!  Your high value/life long set (that you are only paying about $300 for) consists of:

1 – 1.7 qt Covered Saucepan

1 – 2.5 qt Covered Saucepan

1 – 3.2 qt Covered Saucepan

1 – 7.5 qt Covered Roaster

1 – 11 3/8″ Skillet

1 – Double boiler unit with capsule bottom, also serves as an extra 3qt saucepan.

1 – 5 Egg Cups

1 – 5-hole Utility Rack

1 – High dome cover w/encapsulated bottom which can serve as extra frying pan.

This set has whistling steam release valves and is stackable during cooking & storage.  It does come gift boxed.

FINALLY !  We found a book on cooking with waterless cookware!  Go to and type in “healthy meat and potatoes”, the book is by Charles Knight, ISBN 1557883580.
Looks like the book has been out for five years, we did not know of it until April 2006.  Check out the rave reviews.  Apparently it is full of waterless cookware recipes.

With this KT17Ultra Cookware Set you will enjoy a wonderful new method of cooking.  Foods cooked the modern, minimum moisture way help retain the greatest percentage of nature’s health-giving minerals and vitamins; elements which are dissolved in water or boiled away when cooked in water.  The greatest favor you can do for your family is to prepare food that provides maximum nourishment.

Foods cooked the low heat, minimum moisture way have more flavor.  Vegetables and fruits retain appetizing colors.  Meats can be roasted on top of the stove and become tender, juicy, and delicious.  You can cook without oil or grease for lower cholesterol.

In the book “The Science of Nutrition” author Paul McCann, a Food Specialist, describes how the steam and steam valve method used in the KT17Ultra loses an average of 2 percent of the minerals to the water.  In boiling food you lose 31 to 48.9 percent.  In pressure cooking you lose 12 to 21.1 percent of the minerals to the water.

Waterless Cooking requires a cookware set like this one, where the lids seal on a horizontal surface.  Most cookware lids simply have the lid edge turn down vertically to contact the pot.
The KT17Ultra lids are specially designed to form a natural “water-seal” with the shoulder of the pan when cooking on low heat.  This is the secret of successfully cooking the minimum moisture way.  This self-sealing feature helps to retain the food moisture and the food’s valuable minerals and delicious flavors.

Waterless Cooking is not really totally waterless.  See more explanation here: waterless cooking additional explanation page

You use only a small amount of water in the pot and the steam does the cooking.  The water does not do the heat transfer, the steam does, a very important distinction.  You use lower heat setting for this type of cooking method.  Waterless cookware should be capable of distributing the heat of the stove evenly through the pot.  Our KT17Ultra does this with the heat spreading properties of the aluminum layers.  These layers are encapsulated inside the inner & outer layers of stainless steel.  The seven-ply or seven layers of constructions from the inside surface to the outside surface are as follows:

304 Surgical Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
304 Surgical Stainless Steel
Aluminum Alloy
Pure Aluminum
Aluminum Alloy
AISI 430 Stainless Steel

The 304 surgical stainless steel, which is on the inside surface of this set,  contains about 18% chromium and 8% nickel.  These are higher percentages then ordinary stainless steel.
The popularity of the 430 surgical stainless steel on the outside surface is due to it’s gleaming appearance which, with proper care, will last for the life of the product.

This cookware set is energy efficient.  Cooking is done with economical low heat.  Just like the insulation in your house, this cookware saves a lot of money over the years on utility bills.
The built-in steam control valve whistles like a tea kettle to let you know when to turn the heat down from medium to low or simmer.

The pan bottom is warp-resistant.  The special design provides extra strength and rigidity that prevents warping.  The pans stay flat and hug the burner for maximum heating efficiency.  All pans (not lids) are oven safe to 350 degrees.  Never use under a broiler.

Cool, comfortable, textured handles provide a firm, secure grip.  Sockets are welded, won’t turn, loosen, or collect dirt.  Stainless steel lock washers keep handles tight.  Stainless steel flame guards between the handle and the pan protect all handles from direct heat.  Exquisitely styled cover knobs are designed for easy no-slip grasp and have a finger guard on top of the cover.


Have you been approached by the door to door salesmen
selling high end but also very high priced cookware?


This set is certainly a comparable cookware set to their wares, yet for a fraction of the money that they wish from you.  At you are paying for the quality product, not the quality product plus the huge sales commission.  We are discounters, we do not have a sales team to feed!  We sell quality at a price that will not leave you feeling as though you were ripped off!  In our opinion, this is a value purchase for you, and cookware that will last a lifetime.

We will also sell two of these sets for $20 less per set.  Now this is a value of values.  The way to do this is to select another product code and use that rather then this product code.  Find our product description for product KT17UltraX2 (X2 means times two to us) by using the search function on our dark blue control bar.  Hummmm, I have an idea, how about if I make it easy for you, here is a link to that product page for two of these great sets: Go to the page where we sell two of these sets, further discounting them.

Shipping weight is 37 lbs.


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