ForeverWare 15pc Waterless Cookware Set

This is the real deal.  The high quality cookware set called ForeverWare, as seen on TV.  Without the competitive environment of the internet, this same set is selling for hundreds more via door to door sales, or booth sales.

We have sold hundreds of these sets.  Usually our customers find us before spending $1,000 on this or another brand, but not always.  Congrads if you are doing your research before your purchase decision.

Please take a moment to read Ms.  Atwood’s stainless steel cookware review on Amazon.  It is her second review on this page that says it all, so remember to page down past the first (cookbook) review:

This set consists of:
1 – 1.7 qt Covered Saucepan
1 – 2.5 qt Covered Saucepan
1 – 3.2 qt Covered Saucepan
1 – 7.5 qt Covered Roaster*
1 – 10 7/16″ Diameter, Extra-Deep Skillet
1 – Dome Cover
1 – Steamer Rack
1 – Deep-Fry Basket and handle
1 – Covered Mixing Bowl that also serves as a double broiler unit
There are steam release valves built into the knobs.

304 surgical stainless steel for the sides and inside of the pots and pans, this has 18% chromium and 10% nickel by weight, also known as 18/10 stainless.

AISI 430 stainless steel on the bottom of the encapsulated base, it’s magnetic properties allow the pots and pans to be used in induction heating stovetops/ranges.

The KT915 cookware pieces are all stainless steel on the outside and inside surfaces. However, stainless steel used by itself transfers heat so fast it can burn food quickly. That is the basis for the relatively new encapsulated base concept. This is where other metals, generally aluminum, are encased in a center layer between the inside surface and the outside surface of the bottom of the pot or pan. The reason for aluminum is that it has bigger molecules then steel which makes it transfer heat slower then steel. This gives the heat time to spread outward to the sides of the pot.

The aluminum is not in contact with the food but it’s properties of slower heat transfer are taken advantage of, non-the-less, because it is hidden in the bottom of the pots and pans.

FINALLY ! We found a book on cooking with waterless cookware! Go to and type in “healthy meat and potatoes”, the book is by Charles Knight, ISBN 1557883580. Looks like the book has been out for five years, we did not know of it until April 2006. Check out the rave reviews. Apparently it is full of waterless cookware recipes.

Waterless Cooking is not really totally waterless, it means cooking with minimal water, which is really cooking by steam. To see what others are saying about this new cooking system click on the opinions review links near the bottom of this page: waterless cooking additional explanation page


Have you been approached by the door to door salesmen
selling high end but also very high priced cookware?


This set is certainly a comparable cookware set to their wares, yet for a fraction of the money that they wish from you. Here at you are paying for the quality product, not the huge sales commission. We are discounters, we do not have a sales team to feed! We sell quality at a price that will not leave you feeling as though you were ripped off! In our opinion, this is an excellent value purchase for you, it is cookware that will last a lifetime.

In fact, the set does have a manufacturer’s lifetime American guarantee on the all but the handles and the knobs. This set is manufactured in China.

We will also sell two of these sets for $17.50 less per set. Now that is a value of values. It totals about ten percent off each set should you buy two sets. Here is a link to that product page for two of these great sets: Go to the page where we sell two of these sets, further discounting them.
Shipping weight is 33 lbs.


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